All About Nipa Foods

Nipa Foods is a specialty food and beverage business that sources local and unique Philippine foodstuffs. It is a division of Selula Hayagham Corporation, a Filipino-owned company that aims to become the largest diversified life science company with focus on agriculture and industrial biotechnology. Through Nipa Foods, we hope to play an ambassadorial role to the world by addressing the global demand for world-class Filipino natural products with longer shelf-life and first-rate packaging.


We are young, proud Filipinos who believe in sourcing locally, as a means of developing the countryside. Hopping from island to island, we are constantly search the Philippines for unique, premium quality, all natural, and responsibly soured local foodstuff.

Our suppliers are small, independent businesses in the different provinces of the Philippines. We get their products at fair market prices – our simple idea of equitable profit-sharing and our way of helping our countrymen.

Once we find something that passes our test of conscience, our food techs come in to reprocess and repack the wonderful foodstuff, making sure there’s nothing else in that pretty jar but the good stuff.

Finally we put our stamp on it and offer it under our brand: Nipa.

Now you can be rest assured that what you have in your hand is not only delicious and healthy Philippine local foodstuff, but that you are also helping farmers and friends from our beautiful provinces.

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