Nipa Foods FAQ


How can I order?

You can order through the Nipa Foods online shop.


What forms of payment do you accept?

In the online shop we accept credit card payment through paypal or bank deposit.

With regards to bank deposit, you can order through the online shop, choose that form of payment, then send us a picture of the deposit slip so we can prepare your order.


Bank Details:

Bank: BPI

Account name: Selula Hayagham Corporation

Account no.: 0281 0452 02



Where do the deliveries come from?

The deliveries come from 9635 Kamagong St. Corner Guijo St. Makati City.


How fast can you deliver?

Please allow 3-5 days for deliveries. We sometimes deliver ourselves or use LBC as a carrier service.


How much is the delivery fee?

There is a 150 delivery charge on top of your order. This is the fee charged to us by our carrier.


Can I pick up from the address above so there is no delivery fee?

It is possible, though please inform us a day or two in advance so we can prepare your orders and say if it is available.


If you have any other questions, please send us a query and we will be happy to assist you.


Nipa Brew’s Tropic Haze and the Spark Project

Dear reader,

If you haven’t heard yet, we now have our very own locally crafted beer under Nipa Brew – Tropic Haze— a light and refreshing beer with tropical undertones, perfect for those who want to step into the craft beer experience.

tropic haze in the beach

Now since we launched Tropic Haze late 2014, there has been a really good demand for the beer, and we were ecstatic! Unfortunately, we realized that we had very limited resources to expand production further and and meet that demand. We do want our beer to become more widely distributed and have it in a store near you, but for this we need your help.

To try and achieve this goal, we started a crowd funding campaign through The Spark Project, where you can help by pre-ordering Tropic Haze at discounted prices–with other perks such as a 20% off Nipa Foods coupon and some Nipa Bites snacks!

Nipa Brew Spark Project Rewards

tropic haze spark project reward




Every purchase you make will help us build inventory, improve research and development, and expand distribution for the beer. Your very contribution to this campaign will really help a lot when it comes to making our humble dream a reality— bringing our world-class beer into the local market, and maybe even change the Filipino beer industry, one sip at a time.

Nipa Brew's Tropic Haze

Thank you for your continued support, and cheers!

nipa brew logo


All About Nipa Foods

Nipa Foods is a specialty food and beverage business that sources local and unique Philippine foodstuffs. It is a division of Selula Hayagham Corporation, a Filipino-owned company that aims to become the largest diversified life science company with focus on agriculture and industrial biotechnology. Through Nipa Foods, we hope to play an ambassadorial role to the world by addressing the global demand for world-class Filipino natural products with longer shelf-life and first-rate packaging.


We are young, proud Filipinos who believe in sourcing locally, as a means of developing the countryside. Hopping from island to island, we are constantly search the Philippines for unique, premium quality, all natural, and responsibly soured local foodstuff.

Our suppliers are small, independent businesses in the different provinces of the Philippines. We get their products at fair market prices – our simple idea of equitable profit-sharing and our way of helping our countrymen.

Once we find something that passes our test of conscience, our food techs come in to reprocess and repack the wonderful foodstuff, making sure there’s nothing else in that pretty jar but the good stuff.

Finally we put our stamp on it and offer it under our brand: Nipa.

Now you can be rest assured that what you have in your hand is not only delicious and healthy Philippine local foodstuff, but that you are also helping farmers and friends from our beautiful provinces.