Nipa Brew’s Tropic Haze and the Spark Project

Dear reader,

If you haven’t heard yet, we now have our very own locally crafted beer under Nipa Brew – Tropic Haze— a light and refreshing beer with tropical undertones, perfect for those who want to step into the craft beer experience.

tropic haze in the beach

Now since we launched Tropic Haze late 2014, there has been a really good demand for the beer, and we were ecstatic! Unfortunately, we realized that we had very limited resources to expand production further and and meet that demand. We do want our beer to become more widely distributed and have it in a store near you, but for this we need your help.

To try and achieve this goal, we started a crowd funding campaign through The Spark Project, where you can help by pre-ordering Tropic Haze at discounted prices–with other perks such as a 20% off Nipa Foods coupon and some Nipa Bites snacks!

Nipa Brew Spark Project Rewards

tropic haze spark project reward




Every purchase you make will help us build inventory, improve research and development, and expand distribution for the beer. Your very contribution to this campaign will really help a lot when it comes to making our humble dream a reality— bringing our world-class beer into the local market, and maybe even change the Filipino beer industry, one sip at a time.

Nipa Brew's Tropic Haze

Thank you for your continued support, and cheers!

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